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NyooBid provides an easy to use and intuitive way of creating auctions for people who are looking to buy a car or truck (buyers) and a clear search engine to find auctions in case you want to sell your car or truck.


- To start using NyooBid you have to register first. Provide all information, but at least a username, password, your zip code to determine the distance to the seller and a valid email address. Don't forget to accept the terms and conditions.After submitting all information you will receive an email at the email address you provided. Simply check you email account and look for the resitration email from NyooBid. Maybe check your spam filter or spam account. Click on the link in the email you received to verify your account.

- Login with your new account and click on the "BUY" button to start the auction.
- Fill out the form to describe the car you are intended to buy.
Tip: You can select multiple items by holding the CTRL key
Tip: If you do or can not decide about specifics, just select "NA" to indicate you are undetermined.
- Please provide the $-value for the maximum amount you are willing to pay for your car or truck
- Keep going through the 3 steps to define all features for your car
- Define how you intend to pay, cash or finance or lease
Tip: Use the text field on the 3rd step to provide a description of additional features or functions you'd like

Your User Center - Check your auctions
When you login you see on the main page your user center. Lots of good information about your auctions, potential bids, expired auctions or how often your auction has been looked at is available. For more information click on "Cockpit".
Tip: If you like to contact the bidder, use the message center in the "Cockpit".

Preferred Bid
If you like to make one of the bids a preferred bid, check the matching percentage to see how close the bid is to your auction. Select your auction and the bid and click on "Preferred Bid". You can change the preferred bid, but indicates your preference for your car.

End Auction
- In case you would like to end the auction, click on "End Auction", but you have to make sure that one bid is a preferred and winning bid.
- Afterwards the contact information for bidder and buyer including email and phone will be exchanged and an email is sent to both parties.


Search Auctions
- You don't have to register to search through all auctions and find auctions matching your car
- Once you find a matching auctions you need to register to bid

The registration process is exactly the same as the on for the buyer.

- In order to bid, enter all information in three easy steps about your car. Select all features and functions.
- Provide a bidding price for how much you are willing to sell your car to the auctioneer
- Upload photos, enter link information to an external site that might have more information about your car, or upload a video
Tip: Use the comment text field to add more information about your car. You can use html syntax to format your entry.
- Before your bid is placed, use PayPal to pay the low bidding fee. Once paid you can bid as often and in as many auctions as you want.
- You can keep checking your bids in your User Center on the main page.
- Contact the auctioneer via message center in the "Cockpit" in your user center.
- You can keep bidding and make new bids until the auction is closed.

Winning the Auction
- Keep checking the auction and competing bids and keep bidding.
- Once the auctioneer selects your bid as the winning bid.
- In case you have the winning bid, you will receive an email with the auctioneer's contact info.
- Contact the buyer to finalize the sales process.


How do I start an auction?
Register and click on the "BUY" button on the main page.

When I register, do I have to provide all the information?
Not all fields are mandatory (see the * asterisk). We need you zip code to determine the distance between your and the seller/buyer location.

Is there any hidden fee for the buyer?
No. The buyer can start an auction totally free of charge, what makes this new comcpet so intreguing, because it is buyer focused, what should be the case anyway.

What is the total cost for the seller?
The seller's cost is only $4.95 and the seller can place as many bids as they want.

What are the buttons in the top of the main page for?
The HOME button will always bring you back to the main page.
The SEARCH button lets you search the entire inventory to find a matching auction/buyer to sell your car to.
The PERSONAL button routes you to your personal cockpit with all information about your auctions and/or bids, statistics, and the messaging center. It is for personal accounts only.
The BUSINESS button is for business accounts and provides a cockpit with information, statistics, the messaging center and access to all business tools.

What is the advantage of a business account?
A business account has unlimited bidding capability and has several additonal tools included. Business acounts can create search agents. These are search tasks that run automatically and check the business owners inventory automatically against all auctions and can also automatically bid in auctions. It will give business account holders full and automated control over their inventory and connection to potential buyer. The matching score also guarantees a higher probability to close the deal and sell the car. It is subscription based.

What is the matching score?
The matching score is an automatically calculated auction-bid matching factor that follows a patented algorithm. It takes into consideration weighing the importance of features and functions and provides an acurate number how close the bid is compared to the auction. The higher the score, the higher the probability of closing the deal due to the high number of matching features and functions.

As a seller, how can I pay?
NyooBid is working closely with PayPal, so you can conveniently pay with credit card, banking accounts or other forms of payment.

What happens when the auction is closed?
Once the auction is closed and the buyer choose the winning bid and made it the preferred bid, both parties (buyer/seller) will automatically get an email with each others contact information, including email and phone number. Depending on the conditions the buyer has to pay a deposit within 24 hours after closing the auction.

Can I contact the buyer/seller?
NyooBid provides a messaging service without disclosing the buyer/seller contact information. You can access the messaging system by clicking on the PERSONAL button, or go to the cockpit.

What if I want to see the car, or do a test drive?
You can contact the seller by using the messaging center and request a test drive. Depending on location you will be able to meet and do the test drive.

If I can not do test drive or can see the car in person, how can I check the car?
NyooBid is working with third-party, independent car inspectors. They check the following for you and provide you a report and a recommendation.
  • Check the car for you (e.g. new/used 150 point inspection)
  • Check engine, paint, accident records etc.
  • Check Report Status
  • View Sample Reports
  • Inspection FAQs
  • Vehicle Inspection Tips

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